Disaster Relief

Since 1991, Mission Harvest America has provided and will continue to provide domestic programs that focus on community needs and response to disaster relief and humanitarian aid efforts. MHA has responded to hurricane and other disaster providing needed items through planned distribution sites and prepared provisions to provide relief.

  • Hurricane Katina MHA provided over 169 semi-truck loads and delivered them to every area affected by the hurricane from Key West, Florida to McAllen, Texas.
  • 2011 Midwest Tornadoes Truck loads were sent to the storm and tornado damaged areas of the Midwest during April and May of 2011, including Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
  • Hurricane Sandy MHA sent 5 semi-truck loads to New Jersey to aid stricken communities during this disaster.
  • Cancer & Diabetes Prevention Education

    Learn more about our programs to help spread the word to the public about cancer and diabetes prevention.
    Helping Our Troops
    MHA has been a strong support of the troops through our Care Package Program which has sent over 64,000 care packages to the troops since Desert Storm. Each package was designed for 4 people.

    Support for Veterans Stand Downs has been provided in Florida and South Carolina and other areas.

    Professional Logistical Support

    With over 44 years of professional logistical experience and more than 8,000 successful shipments in the past 22 years MHA provides a professional level of service for logistical support of missions and disaster relief. Services include:

  • Central Consolidated Shipments
  • Pre-approved Consignee
  • Customs Clearance for ministry and aid provisions only (no commercial)