True Faith Missions International

Providing international humanitarian aid, disaster relief, support and short term mission teams.

providing service to villages around the world

Missionary Projects, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
True Faith Missions International has taken the foreign programs formerly under MHA to focus on the international support to missionary projects, disaster and humanitarian relief and to special Short Term Mission Teams. These teams go to selected areas in other countries with primary interest in refurbishing or expanding existing orphanages and schools to reach the children of each selected nation, and to provide vocational training and sustainable programs for adults. The main focus will be through already established mission efforts, churches and agencies.
International Aid
Our programs have shipped over 214 million pounds of relief and aid material to over 70 countries. During the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, we provided over 260 containers of needed medical supplies, food, and clothing and construction materials to provide relief and to rebuild from this disaster. This international work will continue under the True Faith Missions International banner as the Foreign Focus Point of our mission.
Short Term Mission Trips
We have several mission projects planned through the year 2014. We are taking short term mission teams to Uganda, Liberia and Argentina. Other areas will be added. If you know of anyone that would like to be part of one of these teams we would appreciate your recommending them to us.

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Our Mission

To provide ongoing support to American Indian tribal communities, as well as domestic and international disaster relief, aid and educational assistance;
providing quality of life and sustainable programs to all.