South East American Indian Council

Representing all American Indians throughout the State of Florida and surrounding territories. Providing outreach, Community Health Representatives training and certification, and Wellness and Health Education Programs to American Indian tribal communities.

Resources, Help and Representation for American Indians

American Indian Relocation and Disbursement in the South and East
American Indian people in the South and Eastern states have been disbursed and relocated to the Western states since 1833 through various events and programs, and many of these programs continued until recently. The void created by the disbursement of our people has left large numbers of small tribes, clans and communities scattered all over this section of the USA. In addition, this disbursement has created a mistrust of those that would seek to control or discriminate against our people. Therefore many tribes, clans and American Indian Communities prefer to remain self sufficient rather than condescending to fight for or accept legitimate aid. This has left our people grossly under represented in government and community. The SEAIC works towards providing aid, giving a voice, and fostering acceptance of us as the people whom we are.
Representation and Aid
There is a need for the unrepresented peoples, working with those who have Federal or State acceptance to stand together for the heritage and traditions that our Creator has given to us.  SEAIC is a collective voice to those who wish to help American Indians in our area with resources such as Cancer Prevention education, Quality of Life and Survivor assistance. Networking with our fellow American Indians throughout our areas we can both learn from and teach each other.

Cancer & Diabetes Prevention Education Learn more about our programs to help spread the word to American Indian Communities about cancer and diabetes prevention.

SEAIC CHW/CHE Training Program Get information on our Community Health Worker (CHW) and Community Health Educator (CHE) training program and find out how our network of CHWs and CHEs work directly with local tribes to help with quality of life and health issues.

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Standing together:
  • WE can do more together than one working alone.
  • WE can help each other.
  • WE can have a stronger voice as one voice.
  • WE can foster a relationship based on trust and support to enhance our people.
  • WE can reach out a helping hand to understand and seek to meet the needs of one another by caring and sharing with each other.
  • WE can address health issues common to our people with respect to our culture and ethnic considerations.

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Our Mission

To provide ongoing support to American Indian tribal communities, as well as domestic and international disaster relief, aid and educational assistance;
providing quality of life and sustainable programs to all.