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SEAIC Progress Report

South East American Indian Council Progress Report

2013 Progress Report
For the past two years we have worked diligently to meet the goals and objectives of the South East American Indian Council. We have a volunteer to help us with our newsletter so we are preparing a newsletter for release soon. In the interim the following progress report for 2013 is posted:

  • Number of tribal / village / communities contacted in FL-GA-AL-MS-LA-SC-TN: 131
  • Number of persons given Cancer and Diabetes literature at gatherings: 21,445
  • Number of members presently in the SEAIC: 300 Plus, goal in 5 years 20,000 Plus
  • Number of Pow Wow and Community Gatherings our representatives attended: 84
  • On line Training Video for Cancer created: 3
  • Number of brochures and post cards created: 6
  • Number of brochures and post cards printed and distributed: 2,500
  • Number of DVD/Flash Drives created and distributed: 500 plus
  • Number of Community Health Workers and Educators Volunteered to Serve: 24
  • Number of CHW Training Seminars Held: 1
  • Current EMAIL Directory / Contact List: 2,441
  • Each Month we are increasing our social media contacts
  • Facebook Contacts: 900 plus
  • LinkedIn Contacts: 3728
  • Facebook Page Reviews: 4887

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To provide ongoing support to American Indian tribal communities, as well as domestic and international disaster relief, aid and educational assistance;
providing quality of life and sustainable programs to all.