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SEAIC Community Health Worker/Educator Training Program

SEAIC Community Assistance Program

Making a difference one person one tribe at a time
One of the most meaningful ways you can make a difference is by getting trained as a Community Health Worker or Community Health Educator under the SEAIC Community Assistance Program. The training process is ongoing, and you can put the information you learn as you progress through the program to use when you visit tribes and communities. Training and remaining proficient is a cycle in the same manner as a circle which has no ending!
Circle of Training 360°
Training needs to be complete and a full circle of ideas, concepts, methods and means to provide our Community Health Representatives with resources and helps to enable them as they render volunteer services to the American Indian Communities and Tribal areas which they serve.

Qualifications to be Certified by the SEAIC at each level of Community Health Representatives is centered around 36 defined and selected areas of training and exposure to subject matter related to each of the 36 points of knowledge after which the volunteer candidate can be recommended for Certification at the level of completion.


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