International Education & Professional Association

Providing Education and Professional Assistance through a Consortium of Educational Institutions and Professionals.

Networking Christian post secondary schools in America & in the third world

Helping Struggling Educational Programs
The IEPA was originally formed in 1973 by Dr. George Overby and continued after his death in 1993 by Dr. Painter as a consortium of professional educators and educational institutions. These endeavors provide assistance to struggling educational programs and to provide a means for graduate and post graduate students to accomplish their internship by aiding schools in third world countries.
Internship Program
The internship program provides the student an opportunity to develop the syllabus, curriculum and lecture in the schools as part of their academic requirements in a way that is meaningful and rewarding to all concerned.
Starting Schools and Educational Aid
Under these leaderships schools have been started in Romania and Liberia and other schools aided by this method. IEPA will continue this work under SEAIC-MHA as the Education Focus Point of our mission.
Our education program in Liberia
An example of how we help is our education program in Liberia, which is headed by Dr. James Kofi.
Dr. James Kofi was educated in the USA earning his Ph.D. Education under our programs in the USA after which he returned to Liberia heading up the college we started there in 1998. He will be instrumental in the starting another college in Liberia and oversight of our orphanages and K through 12 schools there.

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Our Mission

To provide ongoing support to American Indian tribal communities, as well as domestic and international disaster relief, aid and educational assistance;
providing quality of life and sustainable programs to all.