Who We Are:

The South East American Indian Council Inc. (SEAIC) and Mission Harvest America, Inc. (MHA) will be merged together by the end of the year 2013. Together, we will continue to provide support to American Indian tribal groups as well as humantarian aid and educational assistance to all.

Creating Waves of Change

Providing Aid and Humanitarian Assistance
More than 214 million pounds of materials have been donated in support of the MHA mission endeavors. Over 64,000 care packages have been sent to deployed troops since Desert Storm. Education assistance has been provided in establishment and assistance of seminaries and colleges in Romania, Liberia and with in consortium with our International Education and Professional Association.
Our Story
MHA was started April 21, 1991 and the current name was added in 1997 to better identify the depth and scope of its mission. In 1998 we began working with and providing support to American Indian tribal groups across the states in addition to providing humanitarian aid and educational assistance in over 70 countries and 47 states.
Four Focus Points

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Our Mission

To provide ongoing support to American Indian tribal communities, as well as domestic and international disaster relief, aid and educational assistance;
providing quality of life and sustainable programs to all.